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Reviews for My Name is Wilma

Cozy up and
enjoy the ride


My Name is Wilma is a quirky book that’ll take you on a journey of exploration of the world through the eyes of a cat. If you’re a cat lover, then cozy up and enjoy the ride.


Wilma, the cat’s story begins on the Dutch tulip fields where her life was rough and rugged. It was only after she meets her humans, Kirsten and Willem, does she realize how wonderfully sheltered a cat’s life can be. The story is narrated from Wilma’s point of view.


In Kirsten’s house, Wilma meets Sailor, Kapitein, Prince, and many other cats throughout the book. While Wilma has learned many lessons about surviving in the outside world, she relies on Kapitein to be her guide, mentor, and friend for wise pieces of advice. Kapitein helps Wilma get comfortable in her new home and also gives life lessons on how to deal with difficult situations.


While Sailor and Wilma are tolerant of each other, they never become extremely close and Wilma instead seeks adventures outside. Soon, they have to make a difficult journey from the Netherlands to New Zealand. This part of the story is invigorating and described in remarkable detail where we get to experience what cats go through during a long overseas flight. The fear, uncertainty, confusion, and finally relief are something we go through together with Wilma while reading the book. The adventures continue one after the other until Wilma reaches her forever home.

The world through
a cat's eyes

“This book reminded me of a story I read as a child in which a stray cat goes on adventures. Wilma is no longer a stray but has more adventures than most. It's an endearing tale of a trip across the world, narrated by this observant feline.


It serves as a reflection on the lives of her human companions as they experience culture shock, financial instability and housing issues. The story makes you smile and has moments of sadness too, just like real life. A gentle comfort read for any animal lover.”

Leekmuncher on

Really enjoyed it


 “I really enjoyed the book My Name is Wilma and would recommend it. Well written and made you feel like you were there with Wilma and the others, happy and sad moments throughout.”

 Jacqui Parker, Auckland

Love Wilma's angle


“Nice easy read and a lovely story. Love the angle of Wilma telling the story and so much of the story is familiar territory for us; the description of the region, the characters etc. Although I was not able to unscramble all of them, I got most of them.

I also recognised a lot of the story itself and it was interesting reading it from Wilma’s perspective. Great memories."
- Marc van de Loo, Featherston

Delightful read


"I loved the unique perspective in the book, with a combination of humour and brilliant storytelling, it brought me back to some of my own memories. I highly recommend this book to others. Loved it!"


Kindle Customer on

Great read


"Great book. It grabbed me right from the start."

- Ciska Kuick on

Heartwarming tale


"A heart warming story told from the perspective of a loveable and humorous cat. Some lovely descriptions and insights."

Reader on

Reviews for Wilma een Wereldkat

Jaap Visser on Instagram:

"Last summer, Kirsten personally delivered this beautiful book by bike. Finished it a few months later on holiday in my own far away garden. What a beautiful well written story. Enjoyed, thank you Kirsten! the book is for sale via Kirsten Bett in English and Dutch."

Sylvia Nahapiet on Instagram:

"Moving to the other side of the world. Cleverly written from the point of view of the cat. Intriguing, beautiful, exciting and funny. Short chapters with yest another adventure. Not just for cat lovers."

Tini plays a role in My Name is Wilma.  Together with her husband Klaas she looked after Wilma when they'd just arrived in the Netherlands. She enjoyed the Dutch version called Wilma een wereldkat.  

Lesley de la Faille also enjoyed Wilma's stories.