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Published on 25 March 2021 at 12:27

Part of Wilma's Pantoum.

Pantoums are great for poems because of their repetitive rhythm . At the Scottish Association of Writers (SAW) conference, I came across the pantoum again. I love this Malaysian poem form. You need to say the words out loud. Then you get how it originated, and how the repetition works best.

Poet Sheena Blackhall gave this workshop. She gave us the line scheme and said the lines don't need to rhyme, they just need to be the same length sound-wise. Your third line needs to be the strongest. The lines don't need to be related but I wanted to introduce you (again) to Wilma through a poem and thought this pantoum works well. I hope you agree?


Here's the poem I wrote:

Wilma's pantoum.

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