Set in Stone in Leeuwarden

Published on 14 April 2021 at 12:27

Rutger Kopland's poem in the centre of Leeuwarden.
The English translation of Rutger Kopland's poem
Eeen steen in Leeuwarden door Rutger Kopland.
Brilliant in simplicity. Rutger Kopland is my favourite Dutch poet as I must have mentioned before. He uses plain language that takes you places. In this poem he takes us to the place of the poem, Leeuwarden, then to himself.
Leeuwarden's streets are filled with more and more poems to read. Some poems are in Frysian but most are in Dutch.

The tourist centre can provide you with English translations or you can look online. The book of poems is called Het Metrum van de voetstap or The Metrical Footstep. Isn't that just the best title for a poetry tour through the city?


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