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Wait till 2025!

If you are going from Copenhagen to Amsterdam and contemplating a rail journey, leave it till 2025. That is when there will be a direct trainline between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Great news if you like choosing an alternative to flying between European cities.

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Is swimming good for writing?

Heck yeah.  Swimming clears the mind or lets you focus on your plot or characters with no interruptions. And if it is in a swimming pool like this one at the CPH hotel in Copenhagen... As you can see it is not your average hotel swimming hole. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even realised there would be a swimming pool in the hotel - I love my swim - when I encountered this beauty on our trip to Copenhagen in September. We were there for only two nights so I only got to swim twice; we did want to see something of the gorgeous city as well. We have been back for two weeks and I still miss it and am completely resolved to start swimming again in Leeuwarden.

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Trains in Sweden: 12 points

If you take a train in the Netherlands, say from The Hague in the southwest to Leeuwarden in the north of the country where I live, the good news is that there is a direct line. It takes more than two-and-a-half hours on this 160k track though, so you might need to visit the toilet on your train journey. Quick word of advice: don't.

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