Published on 18 April 2023 at 12:04

Tableau from about 1750, Gleibakkerij Aan de Snekervaart, Keramiek Museum Leeuwarden.
This cat tableau is from about 1750. It was made by Gleibakkerij Aan de Snekervaart, and you can now admire this dude at the Keramiek Museum LeeuwardenIsn't this a brilliant cat? With a human moustache for whiskers but his claws seem ready to strike. I just fell in love with him sitting so peacefully on six tiles. Wouldn't he look great on the kitchen wall, ready to pounce a bit like our young Max though if he'd be alive still, he'd be about 280 years old.
I also love the curly lines on his coat, the way his tail sneaks between his paws, how huge he is in comparison to the background, like a dino-cat. And where is he sitting? It looks more like a desert than Frisian meadows...
If you are ever in Leeuwarden, make sure you look him up. There are so many stunning tableaus that you might look past him, but he caught my eye straight away.
If you'd like to see a museum packed with cats, I can recommend the Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam. It's a normal house except it's been occupied by cat art. Everywhere you look you see cat sculptures, cat drawings, feline posters. It's pure heaven.
I would love to hear of any other cats in museums!




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