Meet Spotty called Tippy in real life

Published on 12 November 2021 at 17:23

Cat Tippy was the sweetest cat.

“Gidday stupid,” the cat greeted me. “I’m Spotty. I live at the campus even though my humans

would like me to live with them. You see I am an independent girl and I love it here. Everybody gives me lots of attention and treats. You’re welcome to come sit with me today.”

— from My Name is Wilma

In My name is Wilma, Wilma hitches a ride to my reflexology training in Hawke’s Bay. Spotty, a campus cat teaches her a thing or two about reflexology. Spotty was called Tippy in real life and she lived at Lotus Holistic Centre where you could train to become a professional massage therapist, naturopath or reflexologist. Unfortunately the training college no longer exists.

She was sensing

My tutor Cathy Caldwell told me that Tippy was especially partial to the aromatherapy classes and towards the 
end of her life, let a young cat onto the campus whereas before she guarded the campus with ferocity. Cathy says “It was as if she was sensing the campus needed the presence of another cat when she passed…”

Tippy/Spotty was a wise and knowledgeable cat after so many years at the campus. In the book Spotty explains to Wilma that reflexology was what she called a foot rub: “Spotty explained that people’s feet did get rubbed but also poked like at the white coats. “It goes back to the ancient cultures. You know the old Egyptians loved cats? They also did reflexology, it’s in their drawings.” I didn’t know all that. Who were the old Egyptians?

“Spotty knew a lot because she heard the students speaking about these things all the time. “It should be normal health prevention to get your feet or paws rubbed. If for nothing else, you should have reflexology to deal with stress. Being stressed is the new smoking.”

I, Wilma’s human, always loved meeting Tippy when I was at the campus in Hastings. She was like everybody’s cat away from home.Please leave a comment if you have some stories to share about Tippy

If you want to read more about her alterego Spotty, you are welcome to buy My Name is Wilma on Amazon, if you do, a review would be awesome.

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