Wilma: "Flying is not for me!"

Published on 21 May 2021 at 17:02

Wilma likes being secure between cushions on the couch.
"I am a tulip fields kind of cat. Feet on the ground kind of girl. I don't mind visiting a vet in a car if it's Vet Tony, but don't get me in those big noisy machines that take off.
Of course, when it has to be done, I do it. But don't ask me to look happy. Below you'll see a photo of me going back to the Netherlands from New Zealand. This time round my stopover was in Singapore. they took care of us. Prince wanted out, I wanted to hide in the background. It's all gonna be in my book My name was Wilma that will be out later this year."


Prince and Wilma in Singapore on their way back to the Netherlands.Photo privided by VenturePet.

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