Max can relax if he wants to

Published on 25 October 2020 at 12:27

Max on his blanket showing his date of birth.

Max is our kitten. He's been with us for two weeks, the last to go of Hans and Sjoukje's double nest. Mother and daughter both had had their kittens on the 3rd of August. We had finally decided we would like a cat back in our house after losing Prince in 2018 and Wilma on Boxing Day 2019.

I have had quite a few kittens, I can't remember it being this tiring. Is it because we are in our fifties? Is it because I always had other cats to correct the young ones? Is it because we are both working from home so there is no down time?



Max playing with himself in the mirror.

Don't get me wrong. Max is part of our little family now, we would not miss him for the world. But our hands and legs are perferated. When he is naughty, he is very very naughty. As the vet said looking into his eyes getting his first vaccinations: "This cat has got character." Max did not even turn around when he got jabbed...


We are now trying another tactic. Ignoring him. Hard when he is trying to gnaw through electrical cord (yeek), tapping away on my keypad. But it works, he has curled up on my lap and gone to sleep. Thirteen weeks tomorrow, things can only get better, right?!

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