To the Max

Published on 6 January 2021 at 12:27

Max playing.

No, it's not a drumband playing in my house, it's just my five-month-old kitten banging the hanging extension of my desk," I explained to a customer on the first Monday of the new year.


"Awww," the customer said.


"I know..." I crooned back as I pulled Max off the live powerboard next to my desk. After work I can switch it off but we are still waiting for the child safety bits we had to order in our lockdown situation. A box and his mouse are the only things that can keep Max occupied for a minute or so.


"Kittens are soooo cute," the young man swooned as I sternly ticked Max on the nose and threw him on the lounge chair. The impact of his fall was softened by the cat pillow and red pluche blanket he sometimes sucks on before he falls into glorious sleep. Glorious for me especially.


I wondered why my partner had thrown Max into my tiny make-shift office just after I answered the call. But I did not have time to ponder on this as I was too busy keeping Max alive, and answering the customer's questions.


It was an especially trying day as our call centre was having enormous technical difficulties. It took me two hours to log in. Even then customers complained they could not hear me. Our company finds customer availability of the utmost importance, even if they cannot hear you. Most customers did appreciate the effort at first.


The Spanish guy who called later and I were in fits of laughter when I blurted out I was going round the bend. Of course there were no problems with the sound at that very moment. Luckily my partner came home at that stage and freed Max. He hadn't meant to lock Max in my room for long, just wanted to close the door to the upper floor so he could go outside without Max following him. Right!


It was the perfect ending to an unperfect day with Max fast asleep on my lap on yet another pluche blanket.

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