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Published on 3 April 2021 at 12:27

Wilma wishes you a Happy Easter!
Hiya, Wilma here. Mind-speaking my Easter wishes to you all. I hope you all enjoy your eggs. I don't like them, neither the chocolate or the real ones. Easter is not so festive for me as when I think of eggs, I think of how when our chooks came, they took over my favourite part of the garden.
Their eggs were fantastic, so I was told. But they did not do it for me. My favourite place was the veggie garden, the back-back yard I always called it. Protected from the wind by tall Pittosporum trees and on my seed bed the sun hit me just right...


The edge of the seed bed against the fence of corrugated iron, was my go to place.
Everyone needs a go to place. OK ok after the chooks came and destroyed the veggie garden, except the sage and the citrus, I ventured further into the world. I met Stella and Good Looking, I went tramping into the Rimutakas.
Looking back I'd say change always brings opportunities, even if you don't want it. Even if it kicks you out of your favourite spot. So that's why, even though I don't like eggs and I hate chooks, I say to you: Happy Easter. Have a good one!

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