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Published on 19 October 2023 at 08:41

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Wilma een Wereldkat is receiving a lot of love. It was published this summer so readers quite often sent their short reviews from holiday destinations or their sunny back gardens.  We had a fantastic summer over here, didn't we?

In this blog I am sharing some reviews. If they whet your reading appetite, you can buy the English eBook at Amazon and if you'd fancy the Dutch paperback, you can order that from boekenbestellen.nl 


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Reviews for Wilma een Wereldkat

Judy van der Hout

"Hola! We are in Spain at the moment, enjoying some beautiful sunshine until we head back to the Netherlands mid-October. Wilma came with us, another nice trip for her :) 

I enjoyed her adventures and the view into their emigration and settling down."


Jaap Visser

"Last summer, Kirsten personally delivered this beautiful book by bike. Finished it a few months later on holiday in my own far away garden. What a beautiful well written story. Enjoyed, thank you Kirsten! The book is for sale in English and Dutch."

Sylvia Nahapiet

"Wonderful relaxed read of Wilma and her humans. Kirsten Bett has succeeded in writing a book from the viewpoint of her cat. It's exciting, beautiful, intriguing and funny. I liked the short chapters flowing to yet another adventure. A real recommendation, and not just for cat lovers. I have already given two away. You can easily buy a copy at  boekenbestellen.nl"


"I enjoyed this book enormously. I met Wilma when they first came back to live in Friesland and loved reading about what she, her fellow cats and her humans got up to in New Zealand." 

Lesley la Faille

"I loved reading Wilma's adventures and, of course, those of Kirsten and Wim. Imagine emigrating to the other side of the world, and then coming back..."









Here's a link to reviews about the English book My Name is Wilma

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