Even more love for Wilma

Published on 23 January 2022 at 09:35

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The first time round, I decided to only publish My name is Wilma as an ebook through Kindle Direct. This meant I could not publish the ebook anywhere else for a while. Here are some of the reviews she got on Amazon.



From the Netherlands

review Netherlands
review Australia.

From the UK

It's lines like:
If you’re a cat lover, then cozy up and enjoy the ride.
The fear, uncertainty, confusion, and finally relief are
something we go through together with Wilma while reading the book.
They fill my heart with pride and joy that somebody actually feels that way after reading My Name is Wilma.
Nuraine Sadaf posted a review on her blog Into Words that contains the above lines. Thanks heaps Nuraine! It makes all the difference for a new writer. I realise tens of thousands of books are published every day, so to not only be read but also to be reviewed on a book review blog is pretty special.
I have been absent on my own blog, mainly because from mid-December I had do work more hours in my day job. But I have continued translating My Name is Wilma into Dutch and planto release this as a paperback and ebook in a couple of months.
I am also working on a prequel that will be a free ebook for you all to download as a token of my thanks.


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