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Published on 25 August 2021 at 17:23


A plane forming a white stripe becomes a line for me to write on. The sky, my fuel to get rid of all the dust in my head. #showusyourbookschallenge #showmyfuel
Do crisp blue skies preferably with white lines do the same for you? Publishing my first book in a couple of weeks is daunting. As I want to stay in control, I am self-publishing. Cathy Helms created a fantastic cover done professionally, Wendy H. Jones, a fabulous writer and a meticulous editor has done a fantastic job with the text, and now I am reading it out loud to myself to see if it flows. I am taking my time with that.
In the meantime, I am learning how to:
  • format it (Reedsy, baby, Reedsy)
  • upload it (kdp for Amazon, Drive2Digital for all other ebook platforms)
  • do my taxes properly
  • etc etc...
A very boring list for you that I actually find exciting. Really. But every day I try to kick myself out of the house. To see those skies, to get inspired for my next book, which is slowing getting out. Not giving away too much if I say I am choosing old women as protagonists, am I?
In the meantime I will keep you posted when my first book hits the ebook shelves. In the meantime you can read what Wilma thinks about the cover in my blog.


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