Gidon got it in one.

Published on 19 August 2021 at 18:35

Here's another very brief interview with Wilma about her cover...
Wilma, didn't Cathy do a great job with your cover?
"She sure did. Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics is the greatest. I am almost as pretty as my real life version. But don't forget, it was me who told you the story."
How could I, Wilma? But the cover makes me want to read it even though you already told it to me. What I love most about it is that you can see in one glance what your story entails.
"Yep, and when you open it you will discover all our adventures. Do you think people who don't know our story will get the cover? "
I know they will, Wilma. Last week friends came over to dinner. Guidon, a seven year-old boy, helped me make risotto. He even told me when the mushrooms were done. When I was seven, I could only lick out the cake mixture when my mother was baking. Something you aren't even allowed to do now, I read recently.
We showed Gidon the cover and asked him what he thought the book was about. He said that it was about a cat travelling the world. There you go!
"Children are people too, Kirsten. They know stuff. Cats are animals, we know even more as I keep telling you. When is this book coming out? You can't just keep showing people covers..."
Fair enough, Wilma. We are planning on bringing out the e-book in September. Not sure about the date yet but watch this space.


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