And I just can't hide it

Published on 21 July 2021 at 18:20

Prince and Wilma on a lazy Sunday in New Zealand..
Wilma is excited while spending a  lazy Sunday in New Zealand. And I cannot contain my excitement either. My Name is Wilma. I was called Willem for a Day nearly has a cover. It's getting real folks.


have received five great concepts to choose from. Cover designer Cathy Helms from Avalon Graphics has done Wilma proud. I love them all, with preference for two.
What makes it difficult is that I might be too close to Wilma to chose objectively. My partner Wim has distanced himself a bit, and has gone for the cover design all the people we asked go for. It's the one with an illustration of Wilma, rather than her photo. I do love this one too, it's just that I also love the way the photographed Wilma looks on the other cover.
To make my choice even more complicated, Cathy has now done a new one. She has combined my two favourites. Does that make my choice any easier? No, because they still have a very different feel to them. And they are both intriguing.
It's good I have some time to decide as my book has flown the nest and is now under the eagle eyes of my editor Wendy H. Jones. Come what may, we will be making a final choice this weekend. Watch this space!




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