Wilma: "Just get it done!"

Published on 17 January 2021 at 12:27

Wilma looking sternly at the camera as if to say: just get on with your writing.

Here's an interview I might have had with Wilma...


Wilma: "Was this the best photo you could find of me, and look at our cat tree, it's all stuffy and I even think I left a nail in it..."

Me: "Thanks for that Wilma, I chose this picture as it shows your gentle force. It was taken in Featherston, NZ, at a stage when I was working full-time and commuting at least three hours each day. I had no time for house cleaning. I will add another photo of you a bit later. One that meets your approval. Now, if you don't mind - this is an interview and I ask the questions.... No, don't go. Please stay here. I will get you some Jimbo's (raw meat for cats)... What's your favourite Jimbo's Wilma?"

Wilma: "Hearty beef."

Me: "Wilma, I am so pleased that you are writing your story through me. It's an absolute honour to channel you. Why did you want to tell your story?"

Wilma: "Easy, my favourite lazy pants. My story obviously needs to be told. I have travelled the world twice. Remember, I heard you talking about that book of a travelling cat and that was within one country."

Me: "Hmmm, if I can just interrupt you there for a bit, Wilma - that was a very beautifully written book and it was about both the actual journey and what happened to the people and the cat in the story. "

Wilma: "Accepted but without giving too much away, that goes for us as well."

Me: "It sure does Wilma, I just mean to say that you don't need to travel far to go far. How are you finding the book so far?"

Wilma:"It's taking too long, I like it when you did that month and then finished the draft. But now with all the editing and thinking and restructuring, it is doing my head in. I am sure it's improving but as long as you get my story out there, I am happy. "

Me: Alright, Wilma. I will get it done soon. Promise. Can you recognise yourself in the storytelling?"

Wilma: "I sure can, you get that Featherston was my all time favourite place to live and you didn't even get mad when you found out about all those adventures I went on with Stella and Good Looking. You just wrote it down. And I like the way you let me talk about the chickens. Out of those chooks Polly was my favourite, you got that spot on."

Me: "She has your calm yet strict demeanour Wilma, I am glad I got that right.

Wilma: "But you need to change your tone about my friend Sailor. Yes, she was very crabby to me and didn't always treat me right. But she was like a mother to me. She was my hero. Even though she only went around the world once, she was still very much my hero and I want that to come through more in the story. You got that completely wrong."

Me: "Ouch! Will do, Wilma, I'll check back with you in a couple of weeks, and get that photo of you that you like."


Wilma secretly loves the title of the book.

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