Wilma: "Nearly there!"

Published on 22 March 2021 at 12:27

Little cat on chair.
In my first interview with Wilma, she urged me to keep going. "Just get it done!" were her exact words. Here we chat about my improvements.
Me: "We both have come a long way, little Wilma. I hope you approve of this picture?"
Wilma: "No, I don't. Although it does bring back happy memories of the tulip fields... It was taken just after I had been chasing that stupid leaf and went into the grounds of that place where you worked. Remember?"
Me: "I sure do Wilma, I was working as a corporate journalist at this kind of village where terrific people cared for people with disabilities. I always went for a walk at lunchtime and there you were. My colleagues had caught you and asked me if I wanted a cat. We did, because a month ago, Kapitein had passed away - - we thought Sailor would like a new mate. But why don't you like the photo?"
Wilma: "I am too skinny..."
Me: "You did only weigh 99 grams when we found you, Wilma. You were gorgeous though. I love this photo. What were your first impressions of us?"
Wilma: "I was not happy when you took me inside to your office and your colleagues came round with a box. I was enjoying my game with the leaf. But after you gave me that cat food, I lay down in the box and I fell asleep. I was sooo tired. I vaguely recall you putting the box in your car and being brought into our home with the big ginger cat, Sailor."


Wilma's first meal with Sailor.
Wilma: "I was scrawny as, especially compared to ginger Sailor."
Me: "Last time, you said you wanted me to write nicer about Sailor. Has that improved do you think? "
Wilma: "Yep. I like how you talk about how close we were when we flew to NZ together and in our hotel. It's good that you talk about how she died and how we struggled after. Losing a pet is losing a family member."
Me: "It so is Wilma. And I am so glad you got to know your predessessor Kapitein through this book."
Wilma: "Ha! We already knew each other. Us cats aren't as limited as you guys. I was always speaking to Kapitein, remember my lady-human, I mind-spoke the book to you."


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