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Published on 29 August 2023 at 12:33

AGentle Nudge by Mason Bushell.
A Gentle Nudge , an especially apt title for me on this book blog tour I must admit with some hesitation and a lot of embarrassment.
I agreed to participate ages ago, then missed the email with all the background info, and most importantly, the book I'd agreed to review... So much so that I'd forgotten the title and thought the organiser was giving me a gentle nudge to get my act together when I received her message carrying that title as the subject.
"When will I get my media pack?" I snapped back and she replied I already had had it in my possession for about a month... Tada!
If you, like me, have not been on holiday yet, then you really, like me, need A Gentle Nudge written by Mason Bushell. And if you have come back from your break and jumped into your busy life again, then you need this book too to hold onto that feeling of relaxedness that I hope you gathered.



Like ice cream and chocolate it is best taken in small doses, but I'm not one to judge if you overindulge. I also don't think it's a spoiler to say these stories all have happy endings. They are short and delicious and I loved reading a couple before going to sleep. They really do soothe the soul like soft clouds of lavender you might spray onto your pillow.


Often the stories feature dogs or horses, and lots of coastal paths and woodlands. That's no surprise if you know Mason Bushell is a naturalist in every way and can mostly be found in the woodlands and nature reserves by his home. He dreams of opening a restaurant one day. if he ever does, I'm booking a table, but for now I still have a few stories left in this soul-calming book before I too jump into nature. I'm off to Sweden and might even reread a few stories when I am there.


I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review. You can find your copy of A Gentle Nudge on:

I am sure Mason will be chuffed if you let him know your thoughts about the book. You can find him on:



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Mason Bushell
3 months ago

Hello, Kirsten
I thought I'd commented on here. Apparently I missed it.
Thank you much for reviewing an posting about A Gentle Nudge I really Appreciate it.
Regards Mason

3 months ago

Hi Mason, you did comment already but I have changed web provider, that is why it disappeared but thank you for leaving a comment again. Much appreciated!