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Here you can find my book reviews. I love reading and blog about books I have asked to review, and about ones I wanted to review myself. 

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Island of Ruin captivates

I am still reading Marti M. McNair's Island of Ruin when I start this review. To be precise, I am on page 226 of 232. I don't dare finish it. It's been a harrowing read so far and I highly recommend this rollercoaster ride. The reason why I don't want to finish it is I am scared something bad will happen to the main characters. Then I realise this is part one so hopefully they will make it through to part two. And I return to the book.

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The Running Grave enthralls

I just finished The Running Grave by Robert Galbraith and I have come up for air. It's had a huge impact on me. I am guttered I have finished it but don't crave for the next instalment in the Strike and Robin series just yet. Recovery is on the menu first, and I mean that in the best possible way. I can't even move on to the next book on my reading list before I have digested all that's happened. So I decided to blog about it, hoping that might help. This number one world bestseller does not need my help, but for those of you who haven't read the series yet, do! Don't worry about spoilers here, I am a no-spoilers-book blogger.

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My lips are sealed

No, I won't tell you what Hunter's secret is, even though I know now. Even though my lips are burning, no way am I going to spoil it for you. What I will tell you is that this was my first read of Val Penny's series about D.I. Hunter. A small spoiler alert; it won't be my last.

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Amanda Bedzrah's new page-turner

I don't know about you but I am glad to live in this day and age and in the country that I live in. Certainly after reading the latest book of Amanda Bedzrah. And especially as a woman.

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Dive right in!

Just viewing the cover made me want to hit the water. I knew Jules Wake from the books she writes under her other author name Julie Caplin whose Romantic Escapes series has hit the bestseller charts around the world.

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Cuddle up with Snowflake

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…. The song kept playing in my head as I read, and hugely enjoyed, Snowflake's Big Adventure. Who can't remember their first encounter with the cold, fluffy flakes, melting on your face soft as the clouds? And then cuddling up inside with a steaming cup of cocoa… That is what reading this book feels like.

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Amanda Bedzrah's Leah: beakon of hope

When I was asked to review Leah by Amanda Bedzrah, I did not hesitate. I love books, I love writing, I love most writers. Helping a fellow-writer out is not a chore. When I saw the subtitle, I was even more enthusiastic. Who has not ever felt unnoticed, unwanted or unloved? Then I heard the genre: biblical fiction. Oops. Not exactly in the cup of tea of my unreligious being.

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